Our Rich History

When our pioneering family, led by Kanianthara Thommen (1467-1537), shifted to Mepra, in 1515, it marked a new beginning in Kuttanad, the region known as the rice bowl of Kerala. We came and made the place habitable. A place that was always under water was won for our use with guts and strong purposefulness.

We poured our blood and hard toil into farming. Hundreds of acres were turned into lush paddy fields by bailing water out from the land that was below sea level. Our family pioneered this innovative farming technique and perfected it.

Inch by inch, we reclaimed the land, and slowly built on it. We imparted our grit and determination, but kept its sacredness intact. Our's a model verdant farm now successfully replicated across the state.

Soon, we created a new land mass. And then came about an ideal striving community –eager and enterprising, brave and blissful.

Five centuries have elapsed. Our family has produced some of the intellectual, spiritual and corporate giants of the country. Time has proven our steadfast ally.

But at 1515 Mepra, tradition holds a firm place; the past retains its glory. Nature’s soul resides here. And we still strive to let it thrive.