Things To Do

When you are in the lap of Mother Nature, it always helps to enjoy her soothing caresses. In her embrace, there is silence and abundant joy. And, of course, some small activities. Here are some of the options available at 1515 Mepra, The Hidden Roots:

Evening cruise

Kerala is renowned for its backwaters. Enjoy the golden hues of the setting sun while cruising the serene waters. A rash of pink colours the Kerala twilight produces will keep you silent company.


During the day, enjoy a rendezvous with the sparkling waters. At 1515 Mepra, you will be supplied with canoes and oars for idling in the water.

Village walk

It is said you can walk without shoes on the clean sands of God’s own country. Why not take a stroll across the village, meet with the locals, and enjoy our rich history.

Ayurvedic treatments

This alternative form of medicine is native to the Indian sub-continent, and uses natural products to relax the body. Get a first-hand experience of the soothing and calming effect of Ayurvedic treatments at 1515 Mepra.


If botany interests you, 1515 Mepra has a lot to offer. We have a variety of farms producing fish, rice, pepper, kokum, banana, and coconut. You can fulfill your dream to fish at our fish farm or spend a day at the other farms learning about age-old agricultural practices. If the wish takes you, you can even lend a hand and be a gentleman farmer for a day!